Why Your Running Shoes Have That Extra Holes?… The Reason Will Surprise You


Technology improves everyone’s life day by day, and you can’t deny this fact. A sincere salute to all those geniuses’ head who has come up with such an incredible ideas. Here we have one of such. All your life your running shoes might have failed to grab your attention to those small tiniest holes at the top of them, but don’t worry if you’re still wondering what are they?
And, what purpose they’re meant to serve then just scroll down here, to know more.

Let’s start!


Guys pay attention this is really helpful


They are one of the best invention we really realised


Basically they are made for making your sport experience more better


They are there to assure your shoelaces stay tied together


If you use them in a right way then your shoes will never slip off or rub your feet..


.. and even your gymming and all other exercises will become much more comfortable.

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