THIS Has Shockingly Saved Life Of Hundreds Of Children


One little feature can completely change the outlook of a person towards even the tiniest of things. The main question here is..have you ever given a second thought to the design of a pen? Certainly not!

And, why would you even consider stressing about something as important and at the same time as irrelevant as the structure of a pen. However, you’d be shocked to know that exactly how many lives has an innovation in the design of a pen saved.

Shocked? Have a look at exactly what am I talking about and then, you might trust me.

#1 It all started with BIC company.

clif-dickens-true-company-slogans-06-bicThe ballpoint pens of this company have always been very popular but it decided to bring about certain changes in the design of their products.

#2 Innovation.


In the year 1991, BIC company introduced a new design to the world which went unnoticed by the majority of people.

#3 Are you wondering what was the change?


The cap of the pen now had holes in it.

#4 But why?


Why will the company go to such trouble? The answer to this question is that kids have the habit of chewing on about everything. Even adults love to bite the cap. Pen’s cap can easily get choked in the food pipe of a person and might also result in death.

#5 Solution saved hundreds of lives.


The little hole on the top of the cap allows easy passage of oxygen, in case the pen gets lodged in the windpipe. Hence, providing enough oxygen while the ambulance will be on its way. Share this good news to your near ones.


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