Nature’s 3D Printers: Using 80,000 Honeybees to Create An Amazing Sculpture


Just like the incredible honeycomb vessels of Tomáš Libertíny the artist, Dewar’s has invented a fascinating way to celebrate their new Highlander Honey Whiskey. They have teamed up with the Sid Lee Creative Studio and The Ebeling Group on a project they are calling‘3B printing’.


In a clear bottle shaped vessel, they placed 80,000 highlander honey bees that used the vessel to create a bottle shaped honeycomb. A starter blueprint was given to the bees where they could gather pollen and nectar as they would if they in their natural habitat. The bees got busy making the honey, a key ingredient in Dewar’s new product.


They removed the outer plastic layer after the bottle shaped honeycomb was completed, to reveal the highlanders’ 3B bottle. The process sounds unbelievable, so check out the video below and see how they did it.






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