Drawings That PERFECTLY Sum Up Life Before And AFTER Marriage – This Is SO True It Hurts


#1 Text Messages

Before you’re married your texts are full of love emojis. When you’re married you’re lucky to get the word ‘love’ in a text.


#2 Showing Love

Before marriage, his words are so romantic. After marriage, his requests are more domestic and boring.


#3 Date Nights

When you’re dating you could stay up all night with each other. When you’re married, you’re asleep before the movie even starts.


#4 Your Image

Before marriage, you put a lot of time into your appearance. After marriage, you let it all hang out.


#5 What Keeps You Together

Candy, roses, and gifts were a staple in your dating life, keeping you together. Now it’s your kids.


#6 Things You Do For Love

Before marriage, the things you did for love revolved around sex and loving, while after marriage it’s all about the chores.


#7 Sleeping Together

Remember those first nights of sleeping together? After marriage it’s not the same.




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