Ancient Trees: Photographer spends 14 years taking pictures of world’s oldest trees.


In her research work ‘Ancient Trees, Portraits of Time’, San Francisco based photographer Beth Moon displays pictures of ancient trees which she discovered while travelling the world around. Beth aims at showing the significance of these symbolic trees to the world, especially in times when humans are focus on finding better ways to live and interact with their environment. Due to man’s rich appetite for development and urbanization most of the trees of old have been subject to deforestation, so many of the trees she photographed such as the ‘Great Basin bristle’ which is also called Methuselah, once the oldest tree in the world and ‘the Zoroastrian’ both 4,845 and 5,062 years old respectively, were out of reach of civilization and human activity as with other fantastic trees, and where located in protected lands, private estates and mountain sides.



Beth used criteria’s such as age, size and historical significance in her photographing of such monumental trees. In determination of the age of the trees, growth rings which can be seen when a tree is cut horizontally told the full story. These growth rings store the secret stories that an age old tree would tell. In uncovering all this information on such timeless trees, Beth aims at restoring in us the mind-set that trees are an essential framework to the human race and that the process of deforestation should be prohibited. Her work is really interesting so enjoy the pictures.

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