26 Fake Before & After Pictures That Will Show You That Beauty Lies Within


If you’re a photo fanatic and love uploading your pictures, you’re at the right place. And like others, you’d always want to show your best side on social media. But do you realize, sometimes your misconception can make others feel bad about theirimperfections? Here I’ve uploaded some pictures of models who’ve uploaded their photos taken from the worst angle. And also, they’ve compared it with flattering pictures of the same kind to show how they look 99% of the time.
Hats off to these girls who’ve purposely done this to show that we all have body issues and nobody is perfect.
Have a look!

1. Flaws are beautiful!

2. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder!

3. This trend picked up so much that everyone wants to share it.

4. 1% vs. 99% of the time.

5. Real vs. Fake

6. Imperfections are what makes you beautiful!

7. This is trending everywhere and in every form!

8. There is no shame in flaunting imperfect figures!

9. Mermaid thighs forever!

10. Nobody is perfect!

11. You’re still beautiful!

12. *Shining from within!*

13. How brave and inspiring!

14. The power of transformation.

15. Much respect for these girls who had the confidence to upload their ‘imperfect’ pics.

16. Truly encouraging!

17. Having flaws doesn’t make you less beautiful!

18. Gutsy!

19. The perfect ones are always flawed!

20. Attagirl!

21. So ballsy!

22. Tattoo power!

23. The picture says it all!

24. *here you go superwoman*

25. Even the guys couldn’t stop!

26. Another macho man!


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