21 People Who Solved Their Problems In Ridiculously Hilarious Ways. I Hate To Admit It, But #6 = Genius.


As an adult, problem solving is a priceless skill to have in both your personal and work lives. Being able to come up with a solution for your conflicts and roadblocks is vital. However, it might not be such a sought-after skill if your ideas are … ridiculous. These people were so close to being experts at creative problem solving. They had pretty surprising solutions to their problems. Unfortunately, what they came up with was also ridiculous and hilarious.

1.) Just don't drive over bumps. Please.

1.) Just don’t drive over bumps. Please.

2.) He ALMOST got away with it. 3.) Ha! Can't open the door, criminals. ridiculous-solutions4 ridiculous-solutions5 ridiculous-solutions6 ridiculous-solutions7 ridiculous-solutions8 ridiculous-solutions9 ridiculous-solutions10 ridiculous-solutions11 ridiculous-solutions12 ridiculous-solutions13 ridiculous-solutions14 ridiculous-solutions15 ridiculous-solutions16 ridiculous-solutions17 ridiculous-solutions18 ridiculous-solutions19 ridiculous-solutions20 ridiculous-solutions21


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