20+ Reasons Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone With Their Dads


#1 Two Kiwis

#2 Dad Left Alone With The Baby

#3 When Dad Is Giving Baby A Bath

#4 When Dad Gets The Kids Ready For School

#5 Problem Solved

#6 Ponytail Level: Dad

#7 My Husband May Have Gone Too Far In Dressing Our Son Like An Old Man For School Today

#8 She Wanted A Swing So He Became One

#9 I Left My Husband With The Baby For Ten Minutes

#10 The Only Way My 3 Day-Old Daughter Would Fall Asleep. After Two Hours Of Carrying Her Around I Got Hungry

#11 My Son Was Joe Rogan For His First Halloween

#12 This Is How I’ve Chosen To Spend My Father’s Day

#13 I Asked My Brother How My Niece Was Doing And He Sent Me This. I Don’t Think He’s Taking Fatherhood Seriously

#14 You Can Tell Me I’m A Bad Dad But This One Is Staying In The Baby Album

#15 Are We Bad Parents?

#16 Mom Said The Kids Have To Stay In Bed

#17 That Is How Dad Solved The Problem

#18 My Attempt At Babysitting

#19 Found My Husband Like This Getting Our One Year Old To Bed

#20 Such An Unfortunate View

#21 When You Have To Watch The Baby And Shovel Snow

#22 Wife Bought A Label Maker To Help Get Organized With Our New Daughter. I’m Already Finding It Helpful

#23 Drew Eyebrows On My Kid, Was Not Dissapointed

#24 Mom Left Dad Alone With The Baby For One Hour And Came Back To This

#25 Parenting Is Tough. Especially For This Dad

#26 Dad, Will You Put My Hair In A Bun?

#27 Miracle: Multitasking Dad

#28 So My Wife Left Me Alone For A Few Hours

#29 So My Girlfriend Left Me Alone With The Baby

#30 Come Here, Son


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