10 Answers To Curious Questions You Have Always Wondered About


If you have recently encountered something in your life that you didn’t have an answer to, it stays inside your head and you think about it from time to time. Some questions have easy answers while others would be simply stuck in your mind for a long time. Although, there are a few questions that would be answered through this post so let’s take a look.

1. Why are our veins blue when blood is red?


Although, blood is red but veins carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart. This blood is devoid of oxygen and hence is of a darker color. No wonder veins appear blue or greenish.

2. Why does turkey make you sleepy?


It’s not just turkey, it’s any heavy meat item or carbohydrates. They take a while to digest and there is a deflection of blood flow from the brain into the stomach that goes towards digesting these substances. If the blood flow to the brain is affected, it would result in disturbances of alertness in the brain and hence cause drowsiness. That’s why we feel sleepy after a heavy meal.

3. Why is legal drinking age 21?


It has nothing to do with the body’s metabolism but rather the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984. It states that any state lowering their drinking age limit below 21 years would be deprived of their highway funding. Since no state wanted to give up on their highway funds in order to serve alcohol to a bunch of youngsters, they set the age as 21.

4. What is the difference between ‘&’ and ‘and’ in movies?


Whereas, ‘&’ means two writers have collaborated into writing a movie or a show, the ‘and’ means one writer has copied most of the work of the previous writer and just modified it slightly on his own.

5. Is tomato actually a fruit or a vegetable?


We use it along with other vegetables but it’s actually classified as a fruit. Why you ask? The Tariff Act Of 1883 wanted farmers to play taxes on all imported vegetables and not fruit. But they didn’t want the farmers that only grew tomatoes to be taxed a high amount hence the classification was done in their favor.

6. Why do we only get creative ideas in the shower?


The showering aspect is like a regular routine which doesn’t involve much of brain work because you’ve been cleaning your body since you were very little. That leaves room for your mind to wander and come up with mad ideas!

7. Why are so different names of countries in different languages?


When unions sat together to name down regions, there weren’t all belonging to the same culture and language. Hence, these unions came up with suitable names in their language so that they could identify better.

8. Why do our fingers get wrinkly under water?


Well, the finger tips do absorb water but they only do it to increase our grip underwater.

9. Why do the letters Q and U appear together?


QU is known to be a digraph. It means, that together they produce a sound as ‘kw’ which is nearly the same sound produced when utilizing only singular forms of their letters. Most of the times they appear together but in words like ‘Iraq’, they don’t.

10. Why do we have eyebrows?


Even though we cut and trim them, eyebrows are necessary. Sometimes if you’re involved in an exertion activity, sweat literally drips from your eyebrows and that’s a good thing because if sweat were to travel into your eyes, it can cause temporary blindness.


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